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The Reskit.Net Blog


March 03
Adding O365 material
I've jut started adding material related to the two Office 365 Exams. This mateiral breaks down the objetives and provides linlks to content related to each exam.

In theory at least, if you read (and understand) all the links, and have practice using the tools/site/etc - you shoudl pass your exams.

February 02
Some Content

​At last, I'm adding some content and content links. The first bit of content, which also lives here, is the VMBuild scripts I've been blogging about over on my technical blog ( Also, I've put up links to some of the PowerPoint presentations I've put up on Slideshare.

February 02
The Site Theme Evolves
I'm slowly working out how to get the theme for this site back to what the old site looked like. I like a simple light yellow background, dark blue/purple text and not a lot of flashy graphics.

Some things I need to figure out include how to get page counts and how to get logs for the usage of this site.

The joys of a new platform.

January 19
Some more updates

​I've been neglecting this site of late. But today, I've updated the PowerShell script file from and have loaded my vmbuild scripts.


November 11
Working on the navigation and about us

​I've been working a bit on the Navigation on the site, and have created an about this site page.

November 09
Welcome to the Reskit.Net Blog!

What is this Blog?

A Blog is a Web site designed to help you share information related to a particular subject area in the form of text, images, links, and other media such as video. Blogs can be used as team sites, news sites, journals, diaries, and more. 

This blog was created when Reskit.Net migrated to Office 365. The polan is to contiue to contain links and other references to help MCTs and others. The idea is to share stuff others can use.

Blog posts here are likely to consist of short postings whenever anythign changes.


 About this blog

About this blog
Welcome to blog. The aime of this blog is to document the changes, including new stuff and stuff that I've gotten rid of, as well as any other things you might not noticed!